The Best Laid Plans

So back in September, this was my estimate for my financial stats on arrival in Johannesburg:

Probably the most important parts of this projection were the numbers for my “starter” emergency savings and the balance in my checking account.

Well, this is how things really looked when I arrived:

So, I was a *little* off (What’s a thousand dollars between friends?).

My main mistakes in my projections came from underestimating:

  • The taxes taken out of my lump sum payment for unused vacation days, which was part of my July paycheck
  • My moving expenses (I’ll come clean, about $1,500 of those expenses was buying new clothes, a 6 month supply of hair products not available in South Africa, and other not-so-necessary items)
  • Expenses for the 15 days between receiving my final paycheck and leaving the country.  And by underestimating I mean not including at all! Whoops.

In good news, I did put an extra $100 in my emergency fund and also made my final payment on the first of my three student loans (The other two are now in forbearance until I find a job).

So, I have half as much cash on hand as I was hoping.  That’s less money to contribute to our joint expenses as well as my ongoing expenses in the U.S. – mail forwarding service, Presidential campaign donations, etc.

Shit just got real.

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